Some of you have seen this announcement by UPSL and have reached out with questions. So, we will go ahead and answer some of those here. If there is anything we didn’t address, send us an email at

Does this replace our USL2 team?
No, our USL2 team will continue to be our “first team”.

Why are we playing in another league?
We wanted a year-round competition and a group of players that the USL2 could pull from during the Summer months. The UPSL has Spring and Fall seasons which will help us to keep a solid group of local players for opportunities such as the US Open Cup and Friendlies that continue to come our way.

Who will coach this team?
The head coach will be Yago Lopes, which many of you know from his many years representing the Buffalo on the field.
The assistant coach will be Daniel Kuper. You may be familiar with him as he worked with us during the 2022 season.

What is the UPSL?
Founded in 2011, the United Premier Soccer League is the largest amateur league in North America with nearly 400 clubs in 41 states. Of that 255 clubs competed in their Premier Division, which is the one we will play in, during the Spring of 2022.

They operate year-round, with two seasons each calendar year. The Spring season begins in March and ends with national playoffs the first weekend in August, and a Fall season with begins in September with national playoffs the first weekend in February.

What division will we play in?
UPSL Florida Central Conference.

Will I know some of the teams we’ll be playing against?
Yes! There are a few teams you are already familiar with including, Orlando City Academy, Nona FC, and a team coached by one of our players, Juju Da Costa, named Gainesville SC.
Outside our conference but still, in Florida, there is the Inter Miami CF Academy as well as the Florida Tropics, which many of you remember from a few years ago.

Will the players be the same as in the USL2 team?
Yes and no. The UPSL will be comprised of local players only as housing will not be provided but during the USL2 season, but the teams will be intertwined.
Practices will be at the same time allowing players to move from one to the other. The idea is that during the Summer players that may not be starting in the USL2 can have playing time in the UPSL for better game rhythm. On the other hand, UPSL players can earn a spot on the USL2 roster by proving themselves at practice.

Can I come to watch a game?
We will be sharing the schedule for this team but want to point out that it will be a different experience from our USL2 games.
For most of the year, we will not have bleachers available and concessions will only be provided during playoff matches and staff will be limited. On a good note, the games will be open to the public and as of now, free to attend.

2023 USL2

We are excited about what is coming up this Summer but didn’t want to make this email too long so keep an eye out for another email in a couple of days about the upcoming USL2 season.

Let’s Go Buffalo!